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Custom Plan Designs


Custom Home Plans

Historic Homes creates custom home plans for special projects upon request.  Criteria for engaging Craig Peterson (plan designer) for your project include: 1. the desired home style, 2. the time required for the design process, and 3. the proposed site location.

Home Style

Craig specializes in European Revival styles.  He has spent more than a dozen years passionately studying the details that make historic French and English homes so charming.  The result of his study is a rare aesthetic sensitivity and thousands of photographic references at his disposal.  While high design is typical of the country’s largest historic residences, Craig’s home designs illustrate that Living In Art can occur in any size home. 

Time Required

In most cases, a schedule of about 3 months is adequate time for house design completion.  This process includes home design, engineering, and local city processing.


At least one site visit is required to begin designing a new home.  This is needed to maximize the usage of natural light, view orientations, and to gauge the fit of the proposed building in its context.  Historic Homes is based in central Utah County, but is capable of serving clients anywhere in the United States.  Special travel arrangements may be required for consultations beyond central or northern Utah.

For those who share a passion for timeless European architecture and want a new historic home, Craig Peterson can design for you The Best of Today and Yesterday.  Contact Craig via e-mail or phone for availability and an estimate on the project of your dreams.